Shaving With Acne Prone Skin

Published: 30th August 2009
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Shaving can be rough on the skin and lead to inflammation, blemishes and ingrown hair. Shaving with acne prone skin is even more delicate as you navigate irritation, pimples and acne breakouts. There are solutions and a careful skin care regimen can help eliminate acne and soothe the shaving process.

Treating Acne

The first step in your regimen should be to focus on treating the source - acne. Using an acne face wash or acne mask can help reduce acne while cleansing bacteria and fungus that can lead to blemishes or rosacea. Acne products formulated to reduce inflammation and heal sensitive skin help and rejuvenate. Starting with clean, bacteria-free skin will give you a leg-up on reducing pimples that cat be cut and inflamed.

Facial and leg treatments with Emu Oil have become increasing popular in skin care. Emu Oil gently lubricates the skin and is a natural antibacterial that penetrates deep into the skin helping to restore healthy skin cell growth and eliminate acne.

Lubricating Before Shaving

There are many products available that help lubricate the skin prior to shaving. Skin products for men that target shaving generally have gels or lotions for pre-shave and post-shave conditioning. The priority is to lay-down a protective barrier that allows razors and shavers to more easily glide over the the beard or legs (in the case with women). Products with Emu Oil and Hyaluronic Acid have been shown to allow razors to do their job while reducing nicks and cuts.

Avoid Razors

While many men and women find it hard to not use a razor, razors - even 3-blade models - provide little protection to nicks, cuts and razor burn. To give your skin a "time-out" and allow for natural healing, using an electric shaver is preferred and recommended. Most electric shavers provide the maximum protection against inadvertently cutting through acne and blemishes. Though many claim the shave is not as close as with a razor, acne prone skin needs a window of opportunity to allow for reducing redness and inflammation.

Ingrown Hair Treatment

Ingrown hair accounts for much of the acne related to shaving. With blemishes or if your beard or leg hair is very curly, the shaved hair can grow back into the skin or curl back around and penetrate from the top of the dermal skin layer. Using an effective ingrown hair treatment together with a post-shave moisturizer can help reduce acne and protect from razor burn.

If shaving acne prone skin is an issue you deal with, use a skin care regimen that treats acne while making shaving safer and inflammation-free.

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