Acne Home Treatment - Benzoyl Peroxide is a Magnificent Aid in Fighting Acne

Published: 19th August 2009
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There are many treatments for acne available today, but the most commonly used treatment includes benzoyl peroxide. Many over-the-counter acne medications include benzoyl peroxide; however, the side affects may include dry, flaky and red skin.

Many people visit a dermatologist to have their acne treated. In some cases the dermatologist may prescribe tetracycline pills or other oral medications. However, many acne suffers find that benzoyl peroxide-based acne home treatments have better results with fewer side affects.

Benzoyl peroxide will cause a peeling of the inside of a pore, killing the bacteria that reside there. Also, when benzoyl peroxide touches the skin's surface it will bubble up releasing oxygen which kills bacteria. Bacteria which cause acne cannot survive in the presence of the type of oxygen that is generated by benzoyl peroxide.

Many acne sufferers are under the misconception that they only need to use benzoyl peroxide to spot treat acne. What you may fail to realize is bacteria is all over your facial skin's surface. Acne is in the development stage at all times. It may take weeks for acne to develop to the point you can actually see a lesion. It is important to use benzoyl peroxide all over your face to stop the invisible bacteria from forming future acne breakouts.

Avoid applying any treatment creams too close to the eye area as it is very sensitive. Benzoyl peroxide can irritate the eye area and cause your eyelids to temporarily swell. Wash your hands before putting contacts into your eyes after applying the treatment.

Don't forget to treat your neck, chest and back area. Applying a preventative layer of benzoyl peroxide in these places will prevent future acne breakouts in these areas.

How you apply benzoyl peroxide is also critical. It is something that you start slowly and build up over time. Begin by leaving it on your skin for an hour, then two, four and so on. Many people leave it on overnight when they first purchase it, and when they wake up they see red, dry and flakey skin. Most people need to start slowly. It is much like going out in the sun when you have not been out in months. You would begin with a good sunscreen and would increase your time outside gradually so you would not burn your skin. You may also want to try applying benzoyl peroxide every other day for starters.

Following up your treatment with a good moisturizer that is water-based is also very important. You want to make sure that you are creating the right environment for your skin to look very healthy and glowing.

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